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Free Bonus #1 - Memory Hack

  • How to use a memory palace to store unlimited information
  • How to memorize quotes, passages of text and more
  • How to use accelerated learning techniques like speed reading
  • How to use cue cards, notes, and more
  • How to train working memory for better focus and creativity
  • How to enhance your sleep for better learning
  • How to encourage long term potentiation and easy retrieval of old memories
  • How to stop forgetting birthdays, to-dos, and events!
  • And much more!

Free Bonus #2 - Successful Job Interview Tips

  • 202 checkpoints to adhere to increase your job interview success rate.
  • Increase your competitive advantage over other candidates.
  • Precise and straight-to-the-point advice.

Free Bonus #3 - Beat Information Overload

In this 77-page ebook on studying for the exam, you will delve into the following topics:

  • The Surprising History of Information Overload
  • Understanding the Enemy: Information Overload
  • The Role of Social Media in Contributing to Information Overload
  • Exploring the Limits of Your Working Memory
  • The Impact of Information Overload on the Brain
  • Strategies for Overcoming Challenges in an Information-Driven World
  • The Destructive Effects of Multitasking on Productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at AceCSE, we are with strict confidence that our question bank and study materials can help you to pass CSC examination.  Therefore, if you for any reasons, failed the exam, we will grant additional 90 days of access you have purchased within 1 year for free.

For example, if you have enabled AceCSE access and have failed the exam. Within one year of time from the first purchase date, we will grant additional 90 days of access for you for free until you have passed the exam.

*Candidates are required to provide failed exam screenshot with candidate name for proof, this is to avoid any reselling of our premium account.

AceCSE have the rights for any decision and any decision is deemed final.

AceCSE structure our unique study materials and quiz bank via our via full-time exam team. Our team members attend the examination from time to time to ensure all the study materials and examination banks adhere to the recently examined format.

This is a great question and we are glad that you asked. Our product worth every dollar you invest in yourself today:

  1. Extremely Affordable: We send our colleagues to attend the exam, carefully craft our own unique questions, and structure them in a sequence that will help you to memorize better in the exam. You will benefit from our advanced learning system and enormous questions bank.
  2. You Save More With Us: You save a lot of money using our product as you will pass in your first attempt. Our candidates achieve up to 98% passing rate and you will be the next candidate.
  3. Your Time Is Priceless: Time is a currency that cannot be reproduced. We believe your time should be spent on other important tasks and be with your friends and families. This is why we prepared all the required practice materials and key study notes for you to maximize your study efficiency.
  4. Cheap Will Cost You More: Why settle for the second option and go for the second-best vendor? With the price we listed today, it covers all exam concepts and ensures you are well prepared before you match into the exam room.
  5. You Will Never Spend Too Much Investing Into Yourself: We go for the best college, supreme education for our children because we know they will pay the highest dividend. With less than a coffee a day, you invest in yourself and get the best quality of service – Guaranteed.
  6. Fresh And Newest Content: Our practice questions updated frequently and adhere to the real exam format. Ensure every second you spend is well spent and enjoy the highest quality of service.
  7. You Invest Wisely: As you might have noticed, we have not placed advertisements in Google, Facebook, or any platform, meaning each and every dollar you invest today is into the practice questions for you to quash the exam.

All of AceCSE study materials and quiz bank comes in soft copies version only. This will ensure all the information is the latest updated version and no logistic delivery time is required.

All information comes in online version only, so that you will always get the latest updated version of the content. If you wish to study offline, you can print the content via your browser.

Once payment complete, your account will be granted with full access to the study materials and quiz bank. You can mouse-hover to the menu tab enabled to your account for access.

To respect the official copyrights, we will never copy the content of the real examination. Our study materials and quiz bank is designed in a way to highlight the recently examined concepts. This will enable the candidate to familiar with the tested content and increase the passing rate.

As a matter of fact, any vendor that claims they will offer practice questions exactly the same you will see in the exams is not to practice because the breath of the exam database is very large and is impossible for a candidate to merely memorize the content without knowing the underlying concepts.

Due to the nature of our business, we regret that we do not have any refund policy.

However, if you have purchased the AceCSE examination module mistakenly, we can switch the account access to the correct module given the request is raised within the same calendar day.

We only capture your email address for sending you the payment receipt. No personal information such as name, credit card number and address will be captured by us.

The exact number of questions varies for each CSC Exam as our examination team remove and add questions to our premium content. We ensure a sufficient amount of practice questions are provided to cover all of the examination content.

Yes, we believe that the best way to prepare for the exam is to allow the candidate to understand the underlying rationale right after each of the questions.

Since candidates come with different experience and background, the exact number of time to study varies. Generally, a candidate who able to complete over 70% of our question bank will dramatically increase your exams passing rate.

Yes, we offer an additional 10% discount if you purchase two or more modules together. Furthermore, all of the modules purchased together will have 120 days of access (30 days more than single purchase)

Yes, team purchase is available. Please contact [email protected] for corporate or team level purchases.

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