The Ultimate Guide To Passing Canadian Securities Course

The Ultimate Guide To Passing Canadian Securities Course

Canadian Securities Institute and CSC

For Canadians to be able to start their career in investment and securities, it is best to take the Canadian Securities Course. Indeed, that in this present day and age, there is an increasing cutthroat competition in the market. And because of that, the financial services in the Canadian setting is required to be of topnotch quality because that is what is being mandated in the Canadian competitive market.

The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) is the organization responsible in offering such licensing course in Canada. They also provide continuing education, advanced certification and other financial services that will turn Canadian financial intermediaries to be reliable and competent professionals in the Canadian market and abroad as well.

Among the many programs and courses officered by CSI, it is the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) which is generally considered as the basic requisite for individuals who would like to start their financial career paths. Do you have what it takes to work in the competitive financial market in Canada? Your recourse is to know more about CSC here.


What are the benefits if I consider taking the Canadian Securities Course?

A lot actually.

I cannot even begin to describe how helpful it will be not only for your career but also for all your investment and securities concerns. The following are the main benefits that you can get when taking CSC:

  • Taking the CSC provides your first step in achieving your goal as an investment representative or a licensed investment realtor.
  • Be able to initially comply with the requirements set forth in Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and the requirements in Mutual Fund Dealers’ Association for transactions relating to sales of mutual fund, alternative products for mutual funds, future funds, and other investment funds.


Who are entitled to enroll in the Canadian Securities Course program?

As long as you want to secure a job in Canada that particularly relates in the finance field, then you are entitled to enroll in the said course.

For a more detailed information, you can enroll in the CSC if:

  • You are training as an investment advisor or an investment representative.
  • You are applying for a mutual fund license.
  • You are dealing with retail investors on alternative mutual funds.
  • You re applying for an exempt market representative license.
  • You are a bank officer or a trust company officer.
  • You are a financial planner.
  • You are an investor who wants to learn more about portfolio management.
  • You are applying for any position in the Canadian financial services industry.


What are the things that I will be learning from this course?

The topics involved in finance and management can be quite dynamic and interrelated. The main topics that you will learn is more on the Canadian securities industry and the regulations that delineate it. You learn how to set clearer and more realistic financial goals and establish a realizable financial planning process. It further provides how the investment performance is affected by a related economic and market events. It also provides a clearer understanding and analysis of financial statements in the corporate world including analysis and performance of a company industry or a market.

You will also learn the following important topics:

  • The different financial instruments
  • Portfolio management and asset allocation
  • Taxation and fee-based accounts
  • Ethics and conduct relating to the industry standards
  • The whole institutional marketplace in general.


What is the syllabus contained in the CSC program?

The syllabus provides 8 Sections, namely:

  1. The Canadian Investment Marketplace
  2. The Economy
  3. Investment products
  4. The Corporation
  5. Investment Analysis
  6. Portfolio Analysis
  7. Analysis of management and structured products
  8. Working with the client


I am interested! How do I register in the course?

There are 3 ways. One is by completing a CSI Enrollment Form and mail to CSI. You can also fax it to their number including the payment for processing fees. Or better yet, you can apply online at

All newly registrants are required to watch their orientation video available at their website in order to know more about their CSI policies.


How much should I spend upon enrollment?

Enrollees can choose either one of the following course bundle upon enrollment together with their corresponding rates in Dollars ($):


Type of Course Bundle


Canadian Securities Course Value Pack Combo  

$ 1,465.00

CSC Online with hardcopy textbook       

$ 1,165.00

CSC Online with PDF textbook  

$ 1,065.00


The CSC Value Pack Combo is best value course bundle as it offers online and interactive version, online textbook PDF and textbook, CSC Check, Video Companion Series, financial investment calculations toolkit with calculator, financial statements and ratios e-tutorial, macro and micro economics e-tutorial. However, one may choose depending on what type of course bundle you will need.


I am about to finish my CSC program; what is the best way for me to prepare for the exam in order to complete the course?

Nothing beats preparation in any given examination. So it is best that you must initially have all the needed materials for you to start studying. Fortunately, the Canadian Securities Institute, the body responsible for providing the said exam, also provides relevant reading materials that will allow you to learn at your own pace upon enrollment. They are accessible through computers, laptops, phones, or tablets. If you also want to have the hard copy, there are also available textbooks for you to avail. Corresponding rates apply. However, discounts are provided if you are a student or avail in bundles.

Given the syllabus provided for the course, it is recommended that an average participant should devote 135 hours to 200 hours of pure studying so that one can sufficiently declare that he is well prepared for the exam.


How many exams should I take for the CSC?

Be prepared because there are 2 exams in CSC.

The first part is Volume 1 which covers the Canadian investment marketplace, corporations and their financial statements, the economy, financing and listing securities, features and types of fixed-income securities, derivatives, pricing and trading of fixed income securities, equity transactions, and common and preferred shares.

The second part is Volume II which covers working with institutional and retail clients, Canadian taxation, managed and structured products, segregated and hedge funds, mutual funds, portfolio management, portfolio approach introduction, company analysis and fundamental and technical analysis.

Passing these 2 volumes in the CSC exam will serve as your flagship credential which you will find to be useful in your career advancement.

What topics should I focus studying on for the exam?

Depending on where you are currently connected at, there are topics in the exam where one is already well versed about. So common sense dictates to focus on items or topics which one is not so much familiar of.

However, given all things neutral, it is best to pattern how you study based on the exam weightings of each of the topics per exam:

Exam 1 of the Canadian Securities Course exam

The Canadian Investment Marketplace


The Economy


Features and Types of Fixed-Income Securities


Pricing and Trading of Fixed Income Securities


Common and Preferred Shares


Equity Transactions




Corporation and their Financial Statements


Financing and Listing securities



Exam 2 of the Canadian Securities Course exam

Investment Analysis


Portfolio Analysis


Mutual Funds


Exchange Traded Funds


Other Managed/Structured Products


Canadian Taxation


Fee based Accounts/ working with clients


Working with the institutional client



What is the exam format?

There are two exam formats: the computer-based exams and the paper-based exam.

If you choose paper-based exam, it is best to write your best choice corresponding to your answer in a clear and legible way. If you choose a computer-based exam, make sure that the keyboard you are using is functioning and that all the keys are working. Same is true with all the other peripheral devices that come with your assigned computer. You don’t want to end up getting distracted in the middle of taking the exam now, do you?

What is the question format of the exam?

It is a multiple-choice type of exam. It can be tricky though as some questions are purposely worded differently; however, it pretty much provides the same idea or content. It tests how well you have understood, and not simply memorized, what you have learned.


How long would I take to finish the exams?

Since there are two exams, it would basically take you two hours on an average for you to finish taking the 2 exams. Each exam has 100 multiple choice questions so there are 200 questions all in all.


What is the passing rate for the exam?

In each exam, you are required to get a passing grade of 60%. Otherwise, you will be given with no choice but to retake it.


I have taken the CSC exam and I unfortunately failed. How many times am I allowed to retake the exam?

You are only allowed to have 3 attempts to retake each exam. So do your best and hopefully, you get it on your first take.


Be able to invest with confidence especially in the Canadian market! Allow yourself to be recognized as one of the most reliable financial intermediaries and prove why the Canadian market holds the quality benchmark for financial and investment related services.

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