Everything You Need To Know Before Taking Canadian Securities Exam

What is the Canadian Securities Course (CSC)?

The CSC is a foundational course that provides knowledge on the Canadian securities industry, including investments, markets, and regulations. It is often a prerequisite for various financial services roles.

You can see the complete list of Canadian Securities Exam licensing course here

AceCSE also covers comprehensive list of practice questions for these exams:

The exam covers topics such as investment products, the regulatory environment, portfolio management, and financial statements.

Exam One TopicsWeightings
The Canadian Investment Marketplace15%
The Economy13%
Features and Types of Fixed-Income Securities12%
Pricing and Trading of Fixed-Income Securities11%
Common and Preferred Share13%
Equity Transactions10%
Corporations and their Financial Statements8%
Financing and Listing Securities8%
Exam Two TopicsWeightings
Investment Analysis18%
Portfolio Analysis18%
Mutual Funds14%
Exchange-Traded Funds10%
Alternative Investments, Other Managed, and Structured Products16%
Canadian Taxation6%
Fee-Based Accounts and Working with the Retail Client8%
Working with the Institutional Client10%

The full topics list is here

The CSE exams can be booked at csi.ca official website here directly.

Although they are completely different exam, but CSE are more focused on the licensing exams. If you works in Canada, its more important that you take the CSE exams over CFA, FRM, CPA or any other professions

If you want to decide which exams you should take, you may think from a career perspective. CSI provides a career focused exams modules:

Yes, but there will be rescheduling fee. It’s best to reserve at least 90 days to prepare the exams with sufficient time.

Late Exam Cancelation
  • 31 days or more before the exam – no cancelation fee
  • 15-30 days before the exam – $75
  • 1 to 14 days before the exam – $150
Exam No-Show$300
Second and subsequent exam attempts$300
Grade re-mark (multiple choice)$100
Grade re-mark (case-based, short and long answer exams)$150

You can reschedule the exams here

P.S. Did you know that for most of the CSI courses, you can only take up to 3 times? Make sure to get well prepared before taking the exam!

If you think you have failed the exam marginally, you can request CSI to remark your exams. Submit your request here.

Yes, it allow you to take the exams remotely or in person. Choose for the best options you prefer here.

For remote access, you need to go through a series of secuity processes before remote proctored exam.

Remember to follow the CSI student code of conducts when taking the exams.

Examination results will be available within 30 business days. You can access your result at MyCSI

FCSI issued the code of ethics and is often tested in the exam. Make sure to read it before taking the exam.

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